Women are the backbone of society, just ask the animals

Statistics prove that women hold an essential role in society.  Many years ago, it was primarily the role of women to care for the family.  As decades have passed, that role has grown to be more than a caregiver, but to also bring income into the household.  However, women are more than a statistic.  Women truly are the backbone of society, as proven by the habits of the free roaming animals and insects.

It has always been the role of women to bear children and provide a safe, warm and welcoming home.  This is not only true in human nature, but also true among other mammals and insects.  Ants provide an ideal example as to how strong females are.  All of the worker ants are female.  As worker ants they must protect the colony, gather food and repair the home.  Sound familiar?  Cooking and caring for the other members of the household in human society has been listed as part of the job since the beginning of time.  However, today more women are entering the workforce to bring home money to provide for the household.  According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2010 women comprised 47 percent of the total U.S. labor force.  That is almost half! Adding a full-time job to the list of responsibilities of a woman is not easy.  However it shows how enduring females are.   Speaking of endurance, male ants usually die right after mating.  Can't handle it, huh?  Similar to ants, bees also have a society where females are responsible for protecting, gathering food and reproducing.  Lions and jaguar females are the protectors of the home.  They are also the teachers and show their young how to hunt and fend for themselves.

Women are also great leaders.  Strong personalities, efficient decision making skills and a great sense of independence, it is no wonder that women such as Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton have transformed the view of women in the United States.  Similarly, in gelada societies, it is the female who dominates and makes the decisions. When a male begins to age and become weak, it is the females who decide when he will be replaced. The ring-tailed lemur, rehsus monkey, hyeana and musk ox all have societies that are led by a dominant female.  Also, in order to become the dominant female of a group, male clown fish switch their sex, a change that is irreversible.  Not only that but peahens are the ones who choose their mates. More and more women are assuming leadership roles.  The United States Department of Labor said that 40.6 percent of women worked in management, professional and related occupations in 2010. That is the largest percentage of women working in those areas when compared to other professions.

Competition is always popular among the male species.  Well, we shall see who has the upperhand once again.  Warty newts are larger than males and can reach 7 inches making these amphibians the Europe's largest newts.  Female stick insects also bigger than the males.  But who says size matters?  What you really need to pay attention to is the mating habit of the praying mantis.  An adult female praying mantis will often times eat her mate after sex or even during.  Boys, do you really want to argue with your women now?

The lesson learned from all of this is that yes, women have power in nature and in human society.  However, in human society women have this power because they know how to balance all of their responsibilities.  It is in the mind and nature of a woman to care, provide and protect.  Using these instincts in the workplace, women are fierce animals who continue to rise to the top.


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