Getting rid of your “case of the Mondays”

Monday.  Mondays are like the little ginger kids at school, the crocs of shoes and math, specifically fractions.  No one really likes them, but they happen.  What's worse, is that Mondays are unavoidable.  Gingers, you can run from them, Crocs you simply do not buy them and math you don't do it.  Well, today is the day that you befriend the little ginger kid, the day you still don't buy Crocs and the day you begin to understand math.  Here are a few tips on how to make your Monday blues disappear.

  • Look on the bright side.

Hard to do since it is a Monday, but just think...only four more days until the weekend!  Staying positive and putting a smile on your face will trigger a chain reaction and improve the mood of those around you.  That makes your work environment a little easier and more fun to work in, at least for a Monday.

  • Get a good night's sleep.

Making sure you are fully rested for the week will help keep your stamina up and give you energy to power through the most dreaded day of the week.

  • Exercise.

Take the stairs or go for a quick walk before work. Exercise clears your mind and leaves your mind and body feeling fresh.

  • Have a simple conversation.

Don't be like the overbearing co-worker from Office Space, but a simple conversation and face-to-face interaction will improve your mood.

  • Music.

Listen to an upbeat song while you get ready for work or while you are finishing up a task.  Get yourself pumped and ready to conquer Monday.

  • Decorate.

Decorate your desk with photos or things of interest to you.  Having something personal to you or objects that you like will make the office feel more like home.  Also, taking the clutter away will help you feel organized and give you more space to think and work.

  • Treat yourself.

Take a break and grab a Starbucks.  Reward yourself for making it out of bed on a Monday!

Before you know it, Monday will be over and it will be Friday! Only to be Monday again, but now that you know how to make your Mondays more bearable and friendly, Mondays are a piece of cake!



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