Top ten most haunted buildings

In reality, no one really wants to be scared out of their witts.  However, hauntings and ghosts are so addicting.  It is always interesting to hear about old houses or places that are closed due to paranormal activity, but what about the places that are still being used today?  How frightening would it be to walk down the hall only to be greeted with a translucent figure waiting at the other end.  What about going to work and having objects start flying around? Say what? No thank you, but yes go on!

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

The University of Illinois is far from normal. The haunting events that have occured are more than a ghost appearance or the flickering of lights.  One story took place when a member of the Alpha Phi Omega sorority came home one night after a party.  As she was climbing up the stairs to get to her floor, she saw that she was being stared at by someone at the top of the stairs.  To her horror this figure was a man in a grey uniform and had no face. Upon this discovery she ran to her friends and the building was searched, however no one was found. Ever since this incident, this man has been seen in numerous locations on campus.

Another incident occured a few years ago in Crampton Hall, when a student was found hung in his closet. A killer or suspect was never found and it was determined that the student had been the victim of foul play.

In 2007, a group of students went looking for their friend who never showed up to a party. They found him hanging upside-down and bound in his closet.  He was alive but terrified.  That same night, many students were awakened in the middle of the night by a man standing over them.  This man, upon being seen would disappearinto their closest, never to be found or identified.

Dock Street Theater, Charleston, SC

The Dock Street Theater was built in 1736 but was destroyed in a fire four years later.  In 1936 the new theater was built and opened. Two ghosts are commonly seen at the theater. The first is the father of John Wilkes Booth, actor Junius Brutus Booth who is seen by actors and employees wandering around backstage of the theater.

The other ghost that wanders around is the ghost of a prostitute that died in the 1830s of a botched abortion.  She is often seen on the second floor of the theater.

Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, LA

Toni Jo Henry has been the topic of Lake Charles since the 1940s when she killed a man in cold blood.  Henry, a former prostitute, used her charm to get her out of going to jail.  It took three trials for the jury to finally convict her.  In 1942 she was the first woman to die by electric chair in the whole state. Today, workers say they can feel her presence and hear her screams.  They can even smell her hair burning.  She is also said to mess with office equipent, lock doors and meddle with everyday life in the courthouse.

Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ

This university was built on an old Indian burial ground.  Reports of slamming and locking doors and windows are common as well as flickering lights.  What is even more unusal is a man dressed in 19th century clothes has been reported hovering above sleeping students only to vanish with the sound of their screams. Even more, at night figures are seen darting between the trees in the woods.  Many will not even go near the woods atafter sundown for fear of what is not known.

Moon River Brewery, Savannah, GA

Although the brewery has only been there since 1999, the building dates back to 1821.  Originally it was the City Hotel, a hotel that had a history of violence during the Civil War.  Many men were killed during random fights in the hotel.  It is even said that locals beat a Yankee to death in 1860.  Those you have visited the brewery said they have seen bottles fly through the air and have witnessed guests being pushed or slapped by an unknown force.  One ghost by the name of Tony supposedly appears around the billiard room searching for a bar brawl.

Manhattan Bistro, New York, NY

Juliana Elmore Sands, is the ghost that frequents this French restaurant.  In 1799 she was killed when she was thrown into a well in the basement of this building. She often haunts the place by rising as vapor from the kitchen floor and shatters dishes or throws ashtrays in the front of the dining room.

The White House, Washinton DC

The White House is not only the home of the current president of the United States, but of the ones in the past as well.  In the attic, President Harrison can be heard rummaging and searching for something.  President Andrew Jackson haunts his bedroom and the First Lady Abigail Adams floats through one of the hallways supposedly carrying an object.  President Abraham Lincoln is the most seen ghost of the White House.  Eleanor Roosevelt said she felt the presence of President Lincoln while others have actually seen him sitting on the bed pulling off his boots.

Alcatraz, San Diego, CA

Although Alcatraz is closed for business, it is still open for tours.  Those who dare to visit often hear the screams of men who once lived there as well as their voices and whitles.  The screams are most often heard near the dungeon.  In addition, visitors can also hear the clanging of metal and doors. It is clear that those who once arrived at Alcatraz really never left.

Stanely Hotel, Estes Park, CO

F.O. Stanley built this hotel in the early 1900s. It opened in 1909 and was classified as a highend hotel, serving the rich and famous.  Stanley is seen in the lobby and the Billiard Room which was said to be his favorite room when he was alive.

His wife Flora also plays the piano that is still located in the ballroom.  Today, when guests or employees hear music and take a peek, they see the piano keeys moving without anyone being present.  However, when someone steps across the thresh-hold to further inquire, the music stops.

When Stephen king stayed at the hotel, he saw a ghost of a small child which encouraged him to write The Shining.

Seguin Lighthouse, Maine

At this lighthouse, it is common to hear the tune of a piano playing in the wind on a quiet night.  The story about this site is the most haunting part.

A newly married keeper brought his wife to the lighthouse.  Since there was not a lot for the new wife to do, her husband bought her a piano that came with only one song.  He grew tired of hearing it over and over. Once winter passed and they could receive shipments again, he ordered her new songs.  However she still played the original tune.  One day, he couldn't take it anymore andtook an axe to the piano.  When she saw, she complained and he turned on her, hacking her to death and almost decapitating her.  He then took the axe and killed himself.

Moral of the story, either don't buy your wife a piano or as the wife, make sure you learn more than one song.


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