Dress like no one is watching…or are they?

Sure you want to look nice and feel good.  That is why you shower and change out of your sweatpants right?  That and you might get a weird look or two from passersby on the street.  Psht, who cares about them though, it's not like you are famous and they are the paparazzi.  Or so you think... New York's latest style blog, Styleblaster, is live...and it is watching you.

Stationed a block from the Bedford "L" subway train, sits Styleblaster's camera.  It aims down the street, capturing pedestrians of Williamsburg in their prime. It only takes a moment after a person enters into the frame when the camera snaps a picture and sends the image onto the blog.

The intent of this style blog is to capture the real life and everyday fashions.  It is live, so it brings the fashion right to you.  On the blog you can rate if someone is "stylin" or browse through past and popular photos.

This makes you want to think twice about what you wear for the day.  Maybe taking the sweats off is a better idea than you thought.

You never know who could be watching or who you might run into.  It is important to dress appropriately for every occasion.  For a job interview looking polished and professional is the key, while going for a run it is more appropriate to wear gym shorts and shoes.  Running errands you might throw on some jeans and a blouse while at home watching a movie, you rock the sweatpants and old college sweatshirt. In any case, it is your style, your fashion. If you happen to be in New York, smile!  You might just be on camera!


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