Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University (TCU)

Fort Worth, TX

The experiences at TCU are told by Shannon Coffey, a Communication Studies major with a minor in Psychology.  She graduated in May, 2011 and was a member of Pi Beta Phi, Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society and participated in Children Are Readers Community Service.

What was your first day like?

"It wasn't as scary as you'd think it be. Rushing definitely helped because on the first day of school each sorority wears the same shirts so its really easy to have people to sit next to and talk to. I learned the hard way that I had to leave early for class because I'd get caught talking to people and be late."

How did you adjust from high school to college?

"Well obviously in college your mommy isn't around to make breakfast and wake me up with a song and do my laundry and all that so of course being a brat that sucked but you learn to deal. The biggest adjustment was teaching myself how to study and how to go to college. Getting to class is by far the most important thing that I would suggest doing, which made my studying and preparing a lot easier. I had to go down to the basement of the library on the silent section and sit in a cubicle with no phone and no computer in order to study like I should. "

Why did you choose TCU?

"I wanted to be close enough to Houston to be able to get home if I needed to but not any closer because I wanted to 'go away' for school. Also, I couldn't imagine myself at a huge campus.  I need to be in a smaller classroom and TCU wasn't teeny but wasn't huge either."

What is your favorite part about TCU?

"Definitely all of the relationships I formed with my girl friends. In high school I had my best friend Audrey, who is now my roommate in Fort Worth and we hung around all the guys because drama girls annoy me... So it was really nice to form amazing friendships with girls. Three of them will be in my wedding so it's a different kind of friendship."

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

"Go to class!!! Especially as a freshmen, don't take yourself too seriously. Go have fun... there will never be another time in your life like college so take advantage of everything that the school has to offer you... go to all the sporting events, get into the Greek life, party, meet people, but GO TO CLASS. As you get to be a Junior and Senior college becomes a lot more serious so enjoy and have fun while you can!"


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