What’s a resume?

A résumé or resume is a document used for a job search, a summary of a person's education, job experience and general skills. In many countries, it's the same as a CV (Curriculum Vitae) but in the United States and Canada the term "resume" means something different.

When they're not used as synonyms, the main difference between a CV and a Resume is that the first one lists all academic records and experience, regardless of the job position, so it can be sent to any selection process. The chronological CV is the most common structure.

On the other hand, a Resume emphasizes information related to a particular area or skill, so it focuses on what's relevant to the goals that must be met for a particular job position.

Also, CVs are usually longer than Resumes, which are generally limited to one or two pages. However, both can be organized in different ways; the most common are the reverse chronological, the functional and the hybrid resume.


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