College Interview Tips

In addition to looking at a prospective students grades and hobbies, a school may ask for an additional interview.  If you are asked to do an interview, there is no need to freak out and if you are not asked, there also is no reason to freak out.  Many schools do interviews for athletes, graduate students or other special circumstances.  If you are asked to go in for an interview, here are a few tips to help you out and prepare you.

  • Prepare beforehand

The school will ask you questions about why you want to attend.  Make sure you know some facts about the school as well as your honest reasoning as to what intrigues you about the school.  Why did you apply? What interests you? Also, start thinking about what you want to study.  You do not have to know for sure, many students change their majors more than once before deciding.  However, having a general idea will show that you have put thought into your studies and perhaps that is also why you chose the school. Don't be afraid to ask questions also.  Ask questions that you cannot easily find the answer to.  These questions should be unique and maybe even ask for an opinion from the school official.

Just like any other interview, it is important to practice.  Go over what you might say and ask.  Being familiar with the material and information about the school will help prepare you for questions and ease your anxiety about the interview.

  • Be yourself

Preparing can only get you so far.  Don't sound to rehearsed like you are reading from a note card.  Make sure to relax and be yourself.  They asked you in for an interview because they found you interesting.  Show your personality and show how you are more than just a resume and good grades.

  • Send a thank-you

Similar to job interviews, it is important to thank the person interviewing you for his or her time.  Make sure to remember his or her name when you thank them at the end of the interview.  Also, sending a handwritten thank you note in the mail also shows your interest and appreciation.


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