Disney Employment

The Walt Disney Company offers great potential for employees.  With so many different areas to choose from as well as the benefits, it is a company that helps its employees grow and prosper.


For about 90 years The Walt Disney Company has been the center of family entertainment. In addition to providing thrilling stories and entertainment, Disney as a company tries to make the world a better place by serving the communities and environment.  For example between 2006 and 2009,they decreased their amount of solid waste by 28,645 tons.  More recently, in 2010 they granted $1,471,700 to nonprofit organizations in 33 different countries through The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

Job Opportunities

From being a chef to working behind the scenes in marketing, the range of job possibilities are endless.  You can search among several positions to find the best fit.  If you are a student or recent graduate and are looking for basic experience, Disney provides internships to help get your foot in the door.


Working at Disney provides not only amazing experiences, but also several benefits. For example, if you are a student or recent graduate and have an internship, you have a few special perks. Not only will you have a fun and exciting job, but you also get discounts, sneak previews, educational opportunities and networking opportunities. If this is what you get for starting off, imagine the benefits as a full-time employee! In addition to your base salary, you also get health and wellness insurance, time off and assistance programs, savings plans and discounts on Disney related experiences such as park admission and merchandise. For further detail and specific descriptions, visit Disney's website.




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