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Part of getting a job is not only how well you answer questions and if you have the skills, but also how you look.  Superficial maybe...but you have to dress the part.  For all of you fashionistas out there, here are a few fashion blogs to keep you up-to-date.  For the rest of you, take some notes on the latest trends and advice, maybe they will help you land your next big job.

If you are simply interested in starting your own blog, take a look at the following as well to get a feel for how they are set up and the content.  When creating a blog or any website, navigation is one of the most important parts as well as content.  You need to have the information users want to see and your site needs to easily be able to direct them to that information.

Fashion Etc...

The Glitter Guide

The Budget Fashionista

The Business of Fashion

The Satorialist

The Fashionista

Man Repeller

Fashion Gone Rogue



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