How to save money

Are you a little tight on money?

Wishing you had just a few more dollars to spend on this or that?

And you don't have anymore time to get another job?

Here are eight simple steps as to how to start saving your money:

1. Set your goals.

2. Set a time-frame.

3. Figure out how much you need/want to save.

4. Keep accurate records.

5. Trim your expenses and make a budget.

6. Stop using credit cards.

7. Use more cash.

8. Open a savings account.

By following those major steps, you will be on your way to prioritizing how your money is spent which will allow you to save. In addition to those steps, here are a few other ideas you can use to stash some cash:

  • Cut your cost of gas/electric/AC bills
  • Get a water meter
  • Cut home phone bills
  • Look into a pay-as-you go mobile
  • Make a list when you go grocery shopping
  • Use the store brands as opposed to name brands
  • Stay away from designer labels
  • Sell your extra belongings online or in a garage sale
  • DIY projects and reparations
  • Book tickets, flights or hotels early
  • Remember it is ok to say "no"
  • Walk, carpool or use public transportation
  • Cut back on drinking
  • Stop smoking
  • Get rid of cable
  • Shop during sales
  • Shop online

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