Making the Transition: From the Military to a Civilian Job

Serving in the Military is a job that allows you to receive many benefits.  I am not just talking about monetary benefits, but life lessons and skills that cannot be taught in school or by our parents.  These skills can be applied to more than just the Military though.  When you return to the civilian job force, whether by a decision of your own or not, you can use everything you have learned in the Military to find a job and excel. Though there may be some struggles or difficulties along the way, it is nothing that you cannot handle.

The transition from Military service to a civilian job is a big step. A few of the benefits of being a Veteran, are that you can spend more time with family and friends. You can settle down.  However, it also raises questions such as do you go back to school? What is there for employment?  What kind of jobs can you do? Also, as much as you enjoy being home, you may also begin to miss the Military life, the structure and discipline. As scary as this may seem with so many questions, you hold more cards than you may think.

Going back to school is always an option. No matter your age, it is very common for not only younger generations to attend school, but also older. If you are hesitant about a four-year university, you can always look into a community college.  You also need to look at what skills you have acquired while you served. Many of those who serve in the Military end up with a leadership position. Though it is not a manager position so to speak or a CEO job, your influence and leadership was equal, if not greater than those positions. You understand the concept of a team, of leading and of teaching. Also, look at the awards you may have received.  They say a lot about your character and personality.  As much as employers look at your skills, they also look at the type of person you are and if you have the mentality to work with that company. What is important to remember is that the civilian jobs do not always follow by the book rules.  As long as you are ready to step foot in the work force, take a deep breath and begin applying and interviewing.  It is important that the employers know you in fact are ready to make the change.

Where do you start? is a website designed to help job seekers find the right job.  There is a special section for Veterans that takes you through the job application process, beginning with finding a job.  Also, taking a look at the Veteran Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) is not a bad idea either. It shows you what jobs are in demand and also guides you through the process of transitioning from Military service to a civilian job.


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