Money Negotiation

Read our advice on asking a potential employer or current boss for more money/a raise.

Asking Your Current Boss for a Raise

  • Show you've done your research and perhaps give evidence. You could say that you have evaluated your performance and is there any possiblity of a salary increase.
  • This will indicate that you have analyzed your contribution to the company and have not simply asked for a pay rise. If you ask your boss for a time to discuss the matter it gives him time to prepare rather than putting him on the spot.

If the Boss Says No:

  • Do your best to find out the reason. Perhaps the company has a freeze on raises, or he disagrees that you deserve more.
  • Show an interest in improving your performance on his recommendations. If he tells you what a top performer does then you can work towards improving yourself towards this goal and eventually getting a pay rise.

Negotiating a Higher Salary with a New Employer

  • You may be offered a job where you were hoping for more money. Make sure you put your request forward in a positive and polite way. Indicate that you would love to work with the company, position, manager and team but perhaps suggest that you need a little more in salary to justify your career move.

If the Employer Says No:

  • If this fails and you still want the job, your goal is to find out possibilities of future raises, and what you will need to do. Emphasise that you intend to work hard and prove your value in order to gain a future raise.

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