How to Write the Closing Sentences of a Cover Letter

Closing Paragraph/Sentance(s)

Closing Paragraphs



In order to wrap up the cover letter it is important to include a short paragraph or a few sentences that summarize how one wishes to proceed with the application. It is a good idea to also use this sentence to convey within a few words why one is "perfect" for the job. This is the last sentence the hiring manager will read and will most likely influence their perception of the applicant due to the recency effect. It is also suggested to mention any attached documents to avoid confusion in case they are lost as well as provide various means of contact for the manager to choose from.

  • Summarise in one sentence why one is “perfect” for the job
  • Mention any attached documents
  • Provide various means of contact


In order to sign the letter it is recommended to end the letter with a respectful closing statement. There are many possible forms however “sincerely” or “kind regards” are the most common options. Underneath the closing statement ones name should be typed out completely and if the cover letter is being sent as a paper copy and not through an online application process, signing at the bottom is a crucial step.

  • End the letter with a respectful statement such as “sincerely” or “kind regards”
  • One can sign beneath the statement if the letter is being submitted as a paper copy
  • End the letter with ones name in printed form

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