Germany remains to be similar to the UK in many aspects, yet the UK continues to have a high rate of youth unemployment in comparison to that of Germany- where vocational training is celebrated and youth unemployment is at an all time low.

Experts are turning their attention overseas to ask whether the UK could be learning from the overseas example to combat youth unemployment.

Despite efforts made by Government to invest more money into apprenticeship schemes, there are still only 11 apprenticeships for every 1000 employees. In Germany, these schemes are largely unfunded. The UK is therefore missing one key element (because it is evident that money has had little effect) : the right mindset regarding apprenticeships. 

In the UK, employers are expected to fund the apprenticeships, whilst in Germany, apprenticeships for 16 to 18 year olds are funded by the state. Moreoever, in Germany, school careers advisers discuss a range of alternatives to higher eduaction with pupils from an early age- something that Britain lacks with its narrow minded "University is the answer to a better job" mindset. Overseas pupils are encouraged to complete an apprenticeship and to view it as equal to a degree, and if they desire to do so, carry on into higher education after completing their apprenticeship.

Why then, in Britain, do we feel apprenticeships are an "either/or" choice between that and higher education?

The British mindset needs to change if we are to have any chance of combatting youth unemployment.





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