Universities abroad- a cheaper option?

Studying abroad is common all over the world, so why hasn't the UK embraced it?

With the increase in tuition fees and loss of University places, studying abroad may be the perfect alternative. We look into some key factors of studying abroad:

  • Language- the majority of courses are taught in English so language should not be a problem. Moreover, it is likely that you will pick up some of the language- an added bonus to your degree!
  • Distance- you will know people that travel across England to attend University. A flight to Amsterdam will take up just 1 hour of your time.
  • Fees- costs differ, but range from nothing to ¬£30,000
  • Culture- studying abroad not only opens you to a different culture but gives you a range of employment opportunities not available to you in the UK.

Visit www.thestudentworld.com to find out more information on studying abroad.


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