Violence in London Student Protests 2011- right or wrong?

Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/Press Association Images

The Guardian today reports that plastic bullets will be available to police chiefs in an attempt to prevent disorder from breaking out in the capital during the latest round of student fees protests. Officers will be free to use rounds for "extreme" measures as 10,000 protesters march through London tomorrow to voice their anger over rising tuition fees and Government cuts. The bullets will be used to prevent a repeat of last year's scenes, where hundreds of arrests were made during protests due to disruption caused by a small minority. However, such police methods have angered critics who believe the scenes will be completely "un-British" and quite frankly reminiscent of Middle Eastern dictatorships.

There are several sides to this debate, but we personally defend that of the students. The UK promotes the right to education, but with ever increasing tuition fees and cuts fewer students from poorer backgrounds will be unable to continue with higher education. Why shouldn't they protest against a common right? Moreover, students across Europe are far more politically active than in the UK- and it is about time that students here were heard and had a right to express their anger at Government. UK students can not be critisized by actions of a small minority.





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