Iowa State University

Iowa State University (ISU)

Ames, IA

Margaret Conzett graduated from ISU in May, 2012 as a Business Management major.  She was involved in the Greek Community at Iowa State both within her chapter and with the ISU collegiate panhellenic council.

What was your first day like?

"My first day was really overwhelming, it was the first time I had lived away from home so there were a lot of adjustments that came with that. I didn't know a lot of people so that is why I went through Greek Rush. Everyone in my family had gone to Iowa State before me so I was fairly familiar with the campus but still somehow managed to get lost going to my classes for the first time."

How did you adjust going from high school to college?

"I think that I adjusted pretty well going from high school to college. The hardest thing for me was going from a high school class of 113 to a campus with 25,000 undergrads. It helped me to get involved in different organizations so that I was able to find a niche at a really big university."

Why did you chose ISU?

" I chose Iowa State because most of my immediate as well as extended family attended Iowa State. I grew up going to football and basketball games with my dad and always wanted to follow in his footsteps."

What was your favorite part about ISU?

"My favorite part about Iowa State is definitely football season and homecoming. There are so many traditions that come along with being an ISU student as well as alumni and it is always fun to go back for homecoming weekend and see people you haven't been able to see throughout the year. ISU also has a very strong football fan base and no matter what kind of season the team is having there will always be tons of people that come out to tailgate."

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

"My advice for incoming freshmen would be to get involved right away. Don't rely on people you came to college already knowing, try to get out and meet as many new people as possible. College is a great way to do things that you won't have a chance to do any other time in your life. My other piece of advice would definitely be to study abroad. I spent 5 months in Ireland, as well as traveling throughout Italy and Spain and loved it so much. It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything else."


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