University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado (UNC)

Greeley, CO

Amanda Virkler attended UNC for her first two years of college and transferred to Colorado State University her junior year.  She graduated from CSU in 2011.

What was your first day like?

"My first day was exciting and nervous. I was nervous about what classes would be like but excited to meet new people."

How did you adjust from high school to college?

"I adjusted from high school to college by talking to friends and other students at college to see how they were studying and how they were able to succeed. I also adjusted with the help of my roommates. We were all in the same major so we were able to study and go through that experience together."

Why did you choose UNC?

"I chose UNC because of the majors they offered. At the time I wanted to do elementary education and they are the best college in Colorado for education majors. After two years I transferred to CSU also because of the majors they offered. They are one of the only schools in Colorado that offers a social work major."

What was your favorite part about UNC?

"My favorite part about UNC was the small size of it. I was able to meet people in the dorms, in my classes, and just on campus because the school was smaller. I was able to see them everyday and spend time with them. I feel like I made a lot of friends because it was a smaller school. I also had smaller classes which helped me because I was able to get one on one time with the teachers when I needed it."

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

"The advice I have for incoming freshmen is to not get too overwhelmed and to study. I never studied in high school and after a few bad grades at the beginning I learned I needed to stop hanging out with friends so much, and stop enjoying being on my own so much and study."


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