Easy holiday treats for the office

So you want to bring in a little snack or yummy goodie for the office...but you don't have time to spend hours baking or cooking. So you have that dilemma. Here is what you do: take a look at some of these recipes that are so easy to make and do not take a lot of time.  Your co-workers will be sure to think you were born a chef or a baker!

Deviled Eggs



Sugar Cookies



Snowman Cupcakes



Homemade Hot Cocoa



Holiday Pretzels



Chocolate Dipped Pretzels



Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



Peppermint Bark



Fudge Rum Balls



Marshmallow Truffles






Rice Krispy Treats



No Bake Cookies



Chex Mix



Sugar Coated Pecans



Peanut Butter Balls



Puppy Chow



Chocolate Lollipops



Peppermint Patties



Coconut Lemon Loaf


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