Social media blogs to keep an eye on

Direct information and news is always clear and straightforward, especially when it comes to social media. It is important to know how to use the various forms and to also know what is changing and when.  However, a direct approach is not always what we are looking for.  Opinions from those who use the various media are also important.  It shows actual interaction and real life situations that have incorporated the different forms of social media. Here are a few different blogs to follow if you are looking for more than just a news article.

The Future Buzz

  • Adam Singer, editor of The Future Buzz and Product Marketing Manager at Google Analytics.
  • The blog is about:  web marketing, PR strategies, spreading buzz, and building long-term visibility in the world of social media.

Social Media Explorer

  • The blog is about social media marketing and digital marketing.

The Social Media Marketing Blog

  • Scott Monty
  • Social media insights

Chris Brogan

  • Talks about "how the intersection of business, technology, and media will impact your own business."

Brian Solis

  • Defines the impact of technology, business and culture.


  • Michael Brito
  • Talks about the social business and the social customer.



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