The cover letter

attachWhen applying for a job, many job seekers choose to send a cover letter along with the resume. A covering letter, sometimes called motivational letter, is a good way of introducing yourself to your potencial employer/s.

In your cover letter, you should try to convince the reader that you're the ideal candidate for the job position. Remember for many recruiters this is a good method of screening out applicants who lack the necessary skills for the job.

Let them know the abilities and aspects of your personality that make you stand out from the rest. Don't focus only on your working experience because they'll find all about that on your resume. Try to make a good first impression so you can get an interview with the recruiter.

There's not only one cover letter format, since it can be an application letter responding to a job opening, or a prospecting one, asking about possible job vacancies in a particular company.

Read on to find tips on what to include and how to write your motivation letter.


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