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We asked students about all the things a prospective student is dying to know before they start their University experience.

1) Can you remember what your first day of University was like? Were you in halls?

First day at University was nerve-wracking, and a bit of a blur as a consequence of the 1st night of freshers the night before.  Earliest memory was queueing to get my photo taken for the student card, meeting new people in the queue as we knew no better. Yes I was in halls as well.... would have been great if I wasn't living with someone who left mouldy prawns around the place.

2) Was Fresher’s week as good as everyone makes it out to be?

Freshers week was everything it was hyped up to be for me, yes.  Getting drunk with people you have know for a matter of hours was what I was expecting and my freshers week definitely fitted the bill. Although, others did think it was over hyped and not all it was cracked up to be.

3) How have you found the lecture-seminar style of learning compared to that of school? Is it hard to learn independently?

The lecture/seminar is a good way of learning for me.  For sure it depends on the lecturer but on the whole it works for me.  I found learning independently a little tougher due to the distractions of 1st year at a uni where the main priority seemed to be getting very worse for wear on a nightly basis.

4) Describe the city and its advantages/disadvantages.

Ads - Student friendly city, everything is within walking distance, always something going on (nights out, gigs, sporting events), pretty good public transport.
Dis - Its Wales so it rains barrreeee, Local meatheads should be avoided on Saturday nights as they're only out to start a brawl.

5) Promote your University in 3 words

Diverse, Flexible, Good-Opportunities (one word?)


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