The University of Bath

The University of Bath

We asked students about all the things a prospective student is dying to know before they start their University experience.

1) Can you remember what your first day of University was like? Were you in halls?

 Was exciting, nerve-wracking

2) Was Fresher’s week as good as everyone makes it out to be?

I really enjoyed freshers' week, meeting new people and going to the events etc. - but I know others thought it was over-hyped

3) How have you found the lecture-seminar style of learning compared to that of school? Is it hard to learn independently?

I like going to lectures and making my own interpretations of what is said, rather than being told what is right and wrong. I don't find it hard to work independently when the subject interests me.

4) Describe the city and its advantages/disadvantages.

Advantages - small, pretty, safe, friendly
Disadvantages - small (so nightlife gets a bit boring), expensive, very hilly, no parking

5) Promote your University in 3 words…

Welcoming, stimulating, intellectual


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