The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester

We asked students about all the things a prospective student is dying to know before they start their University experience.

1)      Can you remember what your first day of University was like? Were you in halls?

I remember being absolutely petrified. I couldn't even eat on the way up there! I had no clue about what to expect, especially as I had little experience of the North of England. But within two hours of my parent's leaving I started to love everything about the place. My advice is to put yourself out there- the girl I stepped forward towards and introduced myself to became one of my best friends and second year housemate! The halls put on loads of activities to help you make friends and as long as you are friendly and open to ideas you should be fine. I stayed in Victoria Park which was nice as you could walk to Uni, and is generally more 'green', but Fallowfield is the place to be if you want to experience the ultimate student Fresher year. Having said this, whichever hall you end up in you will most likely love it.

2)      Was Fresher’s week as good as everyone makes it out to be?

Put it this way- I won't forget it. You meet the group of friends that you will probably stick with throughout the year, and develop nicknames for everyone in your halls based on their Fresher antics. The Freshers Fair is amazing for picking up freebies (and free pizza!). Oxford Road (where the main campus is) is amazing during Fresher's Week- completely buzzing and students from all years look forward to it.

3)      How have you found the lecture-seminar style of learning compared to that of school? Is it hard to learn independently?

It was quite daunting at first. I'd say I didn't really adapt to the style of learning until second year. You really do need to make use of the library if you are aiming for a 2.1 and above- you need to prove you can work on your own and do extra reading. Once you find a subject you are interested in, going to the library isn't as horrific as it sounds- you end up enjoying it and it will become your second home during exams! Do not solely rely on material covered in lectures- notes in lectures are just a guideline to aid you in further study. You need to be very self disciplined. Seminars have their advantages and disadvantages- they can be quite scary at first as you are likely to be in a small group. But when ideas come up they can be discussed in detail- and really give you the chance to explore topics in depth. They are also vital for essay preparation!

4)      Describe the city and its advantages/disadvantages.

Manchester is now my second home. It has EVERYTHING- music, fashion, sport and tons of restaurants. Make sure you check out the Curry Mile- a whole mile full of Indian restaurants and shops- you'll forget you're in Manchester! If you aren't used to the city it may feel abit daunting at first. But you have to remember that Manchester is in fact surrounded by a beautiful landscape (I didn't even realise this until I got on a train to Sheffield via the Pennines) that could rival anything down South. Manchester has some beautiful areas- don't judge the city on the centre. Also a lot of people judge Manchester on what they see in the news- I have not seen one bit of violence in Manchester in the 3 years that I have been there.

5)      Promote your University in 3 words.

Universal, buzzing & historic














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