College preparation

Your first real step toward the big kid world: preparing for college.  You know there is a lot to do to prepare, but without an advisor it is hard to know what exactly that may be. Here is a list of things you need to do to prepare for going to college. Most are fairly easy, but important to do as part of the application process.

Choosing a school

  • Attend college fairs
  • Do some research
  • Go to a college visit
  • Talk to students who are already enrolled at a specific school


  • Fill out necessary applications for the schools you choose to apply for
  • Put together a resume
  • Get letters of recommendation
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Financial aid
  • Honors programs
  • Housing applications
  • Get your test scores together (ACT/SAT)


*Note: certain colleges require both the ACT and SAT, others only ask for one or the other.  Send in the one with the higher score.  Also, CLEP and AP tests are often optional and it depends on your personal preference and the requirements of the school.

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