10 Ways for Employers to Boost Candidate Applications

As hard as it often is for job seekers to find jobs, it also is difficult for employers to find the right candidates.  This may be because those who applied do not have the right qualifications or this could be because not enough applicants have applied or even seen the job posting.  As an employer it is important that you get the most of you job posting and allow it to work for you to attract not only more but quality candidates.

Here are ten ways that you as an employer can boost the number of applications you get.

During the application process:

1. Make the online application process easy.

  • Make it easy for the applicant and yourself. If you require an applicant to enter a password, a user name, three questions to help them remember their password, their favorite color and why the sky is blue...well you might have a hard time getting them to finish the application.  You may be thinking "if they can't put in the effort, why consider them?" Good point, however, you may be getting rid of several qualified candidates and you also may be making more work for yourself.  Create an application process that gives you the basic information that you need as well as making the process efficient.

2. Make sure your logo is clearly visible.

  • You want to be recognized. Your logo helps to give visual recognition which will allow applicants to associate characteristics and a general idea with your company.

3. Add graphics to your website that help to visually explain your company and the job instead of blocks of text.

  • There is nothing wrong with using words and often paragraphs are necessary,  however using graphics to show what your company is about helps the candidate to visualize what it would be like working there and what your company has to offer.

4. Give a description of the benefits and compensation provided for the job.

  • You don't have to go into detail, but it is important for a candidate to know how he or she will be compensated, especially in this economy.  Many are living pay check to pay check or have families to support.  Planning for the future is important to everyone, so providing these details upfront gives applicants the basic information they need so they don't waste their time or yours.

5. Include employee insights.

  • By adding insights and opinions from current employees to your site, you provide a point-of-view from someone on the same level as the candidate, pending he or she gets the job. The insights allow for an honest example as to what working for you is really like. Unless you are a heartless boss, this can only increase your results.

6. Incorporate social media.

  • Everyone is using social media.  Promote your job availabilities via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other form of social media that candidates utilize.

During the interview process:

7. As an employer, be prepared and organized.

  • As much as you want someone who is ready and qualified for the job you are offering, it is important for you to set the standard.  Having a boss who is prepared and organized not only creates an experience the applicant is sure to remember, but it is also a reflection of the company as well.

8. Create an excellent candidate experience.

  • You want the applicant to leave feeling positive. This is not to say that you shouldn't tell the truth, but having a pleasant interview leads to a positive outlook on your company.  Even if the applicant didn't get the job, there is a possibility he or she could recommend the job to a friends with better qualifications.

9. Always give an answer.

  • Never leave an applicant hanging.  This adds to the professionalism and candidate experience which both reflect upon you and the company.

10. Allow for further communication.

  • By allowing further communication, you leave the door open in case there is another opportunity for the candidate to fill a position that better suits him or her in the future.  You also allow for them to recommend other candidates to you.

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