New Year Resolutions for Finding a Job

It's a new year and time to start fresh with the job search.  Leave your frustrations behind with last year and bring your positive attitude with you to this new year.  There are so many possibilities you just haven't found the right one yet. It is time to get that job and you are going to do it by making a list of New Year Resolutions that will help you form habits to help you once you get that job as well.

Here are some examples of resolutions to make when you are trying to find a job:

1. Apply for at least three jobs a day.

2. Meet two new people every month (networking).

3. Start a schedule and organize your time.

4. Read at least five different news or informational articles a day.

5. Schedule a fifteen minute walk into your day to clear your mind.

6. Read about improving your resume, cover letters and interviewing skills.

7. Practice giving toasts or speeches so you are comfortable with public speaking.

8. Use social media to search for a job/incorporate more social media into your life.

9. Be consistent when checking back with employers.

10. Be confident.

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