New Year Resolutions for Students

You have been doing this school thing for a while now, so you know how to study and you know what it takes to be a student. Whether you get straight A's or still struggle a bit with grades, there are still goals and resolutions you can set to improve not only your studies but your life as a student.  Some of which can even help get you a job after school.  Make it a resolution to accomplish your resolutions!

Get started by taking a look at these resolutions:

1. Read at least two news articles a day to stay current.

2. Join a new club that is completely random.

3. Take ten minutes a day to review your notes from your different classes.

4. Treat yourself once a week to Starbucks or ice cream.

5. Volunteer once a week.

6. Introduce yourself to your teachers.

7. Show up to class three minutes early.

8. Walk to class instead of drive.

9. Start a study group.

10. Attend at least three school events.

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