New Year Resolutions for Interns

With a new year coming up and starting out at a new job that could potentially turn into a full time gig, there might be a little pressure on you.  Of course you want to impress your new co-workers and employer and you want to do an excellent job, but what if you accidentally mess up?  Interning is a learning process, but it is sometimes a little scary.  As part of the new year coming up make your list of resolutions to help you along the way with your new position and to help you earn your future positions.

Unsure of where to begin on this list?  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Try to stay well rested so you are chipper for the day ahead.

2. Ask questions about everything and anything you don't understand.

3. Use your free time at work to assist your employer or supervisor.

4. Take some extra care in the morning to make sure you look professional.

5. Organize your schedule for work.

6. Brainstorm new ideas and methods to suggest to your employer.

7. Read five different news articles a day.

8. Monitor your social media more carefully.

9. Use your social media sources to promote news and positive events.

10. Schedule time for yourself and your interests after work.

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