New Year Resolutions for Employees

You already work hard, you already try to stand out in the office, you already do this and that and the other.  What else could you possibly do to improve throughout the next year?  Well even if you are Employee of the Month for the twelfth month straight...there are still New Year Resolutions that you can make and more importantly keep. New Year Resolutions are not completely useless and unobtainable.  Big or small they serve a purpose and help to add value to what you have done or will be doing.

Here are a few resolutions that you as an employee can do to ensure a successful new year:

1. Bring a smile to work every morning, even when it is hard.

2. Organize your planner, your desk, your life.

3. Ask for advice and suggestions from your peers and your boss.

4. Take an interest in something new outside of work and learn about it, it may just bring new ideas.

5. Pay more attention to small details.

6. Focus on your relationships with yourself and your clients.

7. Go technology free for an hour a day.

8. Take an extra ten minutes at the beginning of your day to prepare yourself and get ready for what is ahead.

9. Reflect on your work process and what works and does not work.

10. Put more effort into using your manners (please and thank you, holding the door for another).

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