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The University of Oxford

We asked students about all the things a prospective student is dying to know before they start their University experience.

1) Can you remember what your first day of University was like? Were you in halls?

Yes i remember day one well, I was indeed in halls. I arrived with my family and soon we had all my stuff in my room and then they were gone. Finally time to have some fun, an afternoon of wandering around college and bumping into what at the time were random people. The evening was a drinks reception in college followed by what at the time was a bewildering walk through oxford to an over priced restaurant restaurant after lacklustre food the restaurant attempted to become a bar and failed. College decided a DJ would help matters and a complete inability to talk to anyone  else ensued and shouting raged. The evening was good and despite its foibles i wouldn't change it but i do wish it could have been more like what we laid on for the freshers the year after us

2) Was Fresher’s week as good as everyone makes it out to be?

Yes it was, ok so maybe i spent a large chunk of it hungover but I met so many people and the majority are now friends although surprisingly I didn't meet my best mates until later in the uni year.

3) How have you found the lecture-seminar style of learning compared to that of school? Is it hard to learn independently?

The lecture style at first was tough, weening off of the spoon feeding side of college took a while but I do now enjoy it, lectures and the lecturers really do open your mind. As for the tutorials, I have always loved them even if occasionally they really are a labour of love! The ability to in effect chat with top academics and discuss ideas is brilliant, although far better when they know what they are talking about.

4) Describe the city and its advantages/disadvantages.

Oxford - close knit city but the Uni does make up half the heart of it, merging wide open streets and narrow lanes, expansive colleges with beautiful gardens and of course the meadow. It really is a city of dreamers, students with their head in the clouds mulling over their latest reaction, essay, paper or whatever wander the streets accompanied by throngs of tourists. Also the fact that every night of the year you can see someone walking the streets in black tie, or an outrageous blazer can only really be oxford.

5) Promote your University in 3 words…

Thought-provoking, Aspirational and Welcoming.


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