Employment in France

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Agencies for employment

  • Pôle emploi - the national agency for employment. It has a large number of offices across the country. They offer manual and unskilled jobs - you can see adverts online at the website here (in French only).
  • APEC , the French national agency for employment of professionals and executives (Agence pour l'Emploi de Cadres) - www.apec.fr .
The current employment climate
  • Unemployment is running between 9 and 11%
  • Although France has much lower union membership that in the past, strikes hitting public sector and transport are still a common occurrence.
National laws
  • Several years ago, the 35-hour week was introduced to increase the total number of jobs. This is mandatory in some sectors and types of companies.
  • France has a generous system of social security which is supported by high taxation. In addition, there are mandated holidays and minimum wage constraints.
CV/Resume information
  • lettres de motivation- Similar to the UK cover letter
  • résumé- same as the CV but be careful as quite often in France they tend to put education first


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