Employment in Italy

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The employment situation

  • Italy has a relatively high unemployment rate, which was officially running at around 8.9 per cent in 2002
  •  It’s difficult for young Italians to get a foothold on the employment ladder due to lack of experience and many young people, even university graduates, attend vocational high schools or special programmes to gain work experience.
  • Some of the hardest-hit industries of unemployment have been construction, electronics, communications, the media and banking, all traditionally strong sectors.
  • Many companies have periodic bans on recruitment and expect many employees to accept short-term contracts, rather than life-long security
  • There’s no national scheme or assistance for the long-term unemployed in Italy
Finding a job
  • Most national, regional and local newspapers contain a situations vacant or jobs section
  • Visit local employment offices and other offices in Italy
  • Local information centres ( informagiovani) are useful for information about jobs, job hunting, education and training, for more details visit their website (www.informagiovani.it ).
  • Apply to international recruitment agencies acting for Italian companies and foreign companies in Italy
  • Apply to American, British and other multi-national companies with offices or subsidiaries in Italy, and make written applications direct to Italian companies.
  • Making unsolicited job applications is naturally a hit and miss affair. It can, however, be more successful than responding to advertisements, as you aren’t usually competing with other applicants.
  • Your best chance of obtaining certain jobs in Italy is to apply in person, when success is often simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

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