Open interviews

An open job interview is an interview where companies accept applications for a position during a specific period of time.  During this time any applicant who is interested can attend. Instead of scheduling an interview, the interviews are on-the-spot and are usually first-come, first served. This style is a little different than a traditional interview that is scheduled and planned.

However, during the interview, is often very similar if not the same as a scheduled interview.  Although there are many different forms an interview can come in, such as a Skype interview or video interview, the actual question and answer part is very basic and general.

Employers will ask interview questions about your qualifications and skills as well as your previous positions.  They may also ask more broad questions that have to do with where you see yourself in five years or how you work as part of a team.

As always, it is important to be prepared during an open job interview.  Having a copy of your resume, cover letter and any other necessary materials is essential.  Practicing a few answers to interview questions beforehand is never a bad idea. In addition to what you are saying, the employer will also be looking at how you present yourself, both in posture and in how you dress.

During an open interview, it is also important to be knowledgeable about the company you are applying with.  Though you may not know everything about a company, this would be your chance to ask questions.  However make sure your questions are unique and not ones you can easily find yourself.



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