Questions that will kill your interview

A job interview is a conversation between you and the person representing the company.  Therefore he or she will ask you questions about your experience and resume.  In turn you should ask questions back about the company and environment. However, before you do, STOP!  Think about what you are asking and how you are asking it.  Some questions could cut your interview short and decrease your chances of getting the job.  Other questions will make it seem like you have not done your research and will also prevent you from getting the job.  You also don't want to ask questions that are sneaky or imply that you care more about your lunch break as opposed to doing your actual job.

Never ever ask these:

  • What does your company do?
  • What are your benefits?
  • Can I leave early on Fridays?
  • Do you do drug tests?
  • Do employees get discounts?
  • Do you check references?
  • How long is my lunch break?
  • Do I get other breaks during the day?
  • Why should I take this job?
  • How did I do during this interview?
  • Can I work from home? (Unless stated previously).
  • How much vacation time do I get?
  • What is the salary?
  • Does this company monitor my internet usage?
  • How many warnings do you get before you are fired?

The questions that you ask the company representative should show that you have done research and have a genuine interest in the position and company.  You also want to make sure you are not the one conducting the interview, remember they are interviewing you.


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