Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies can be extremely helpful in finding a job in a particular field. Whilst they have many advantages, be aware that you should not rely solely on an agency for finding employment. You should continue to apply for jobs directly whilst you wait for news from a recruitment agency.



What is a recruitment agency?

  • Employers pay recruitment agencies to promote vacancies for particular job positions.
  • Of course, to be considered you must first send your details to the job agency, a process whereby you should not have to pay. However, there will normally be a charge for additional services such as personality testing or CV advice.
  • One the post is filled, the employer will pay the agency a fee.
  • When registering with agencies remember that the employer is the agency's primary client and not you.
  • You can apply to an online agency but be careful of the site's security, you are posting personal details online.

Why do employers use recruitment agencies?

  • to recruit for a new type of post for which they have no expertise
  • to minimise publicity when recruiting in one area of work while losing staff in another
  • to conceal recruitment activities from competitors
  • to get help with the recruitment process - eg if they don't have enough staff to deal with it
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