Finding a job is difficult in today's economy.  Looking at different job portals, newspaper ads and listings is a tedious process that often leads to frustration and still no luck with jobs.  Another approach to try is the process of recruitment.  There are many different types of recruitment, it just depends on what you are looking for.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of attracting and selecting a person with specific qualifications for a job or task. Some methods that recruiters use to search for qualified people include: networking, advertising, social media and job portals.  Recruiting is usually done by an employee of a company or business, for example someone in the Human Resources department. There are also special commercial recruitment agencies that find potential employees for companies.

How can you use the recruitment process to help you?

Using the recruitment process to find a job can help you in several ways.  First, the companies are seeking you because of your skills.  Often times we apply for jobs not fully knowing what our qualifications are.  Sure we went to school and got a degree in one thing, but our real world experience might be in a different area or in a similarly related area. By allowing the companies to contact you, they are pin pointing your best qualities that will fit their needs.  Also, by using the recruitment process, you may come across jobs that you never would have searched for in the first place.  Having headhunters help you with finding jobs or by allowing companies to contact you, you open the door for possibilities that you would not have thought were possible.


What kinds of recruitment are there?

Recruiting is a process.  This process applies to several different departments and job types as well as organizations.

How do you begin the recruitment process?

One way to start the process is to post your resume on job portal sites such as or  These are also handy because you can search for jobs as well as let your resume do some of the work.

Creating an account on LinkedIn allows potential employers to search your qualifications and pull up your profile to view what you have to offer.  Through LinkedIn, employers can contact you directly from the site.  You can also apply for jobs directly from LinkedIn.

Another option is to utilize a headhunter, or a professional job recruiter.  Headhunters know what specific companies are looking for and can match you directly with a position that best fits you and your qualifications.


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